Vintage Dresser


Dave Greene, Nov 19, 2021
    • Dave Greene
      What era/age is this piece?: I bought it off Craigslist and have been fixing it up. Previous owner said she bought it at an antique shop and she painted it a white shabby chic. I have taken it back down to bare wood. It appears it was originally stained a darker color. It is all white oak with use of poplar in the interior. It is all drawers are dovetailed with nails and some use of glue for construction. It has all skeleton key locks. It came with a mirror that rests on the top of the piece (I likely won't use it). The middle drawer is actually complicated in that the face sits at a 5 degree angel and the entire front is slightly bowed. With the carvings and examples like the drawer just described, it took some work to build... but then their is the use of glue that may indicate it was built later or more production-like.
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