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Discussion in 'Sell' started by rink, Sep 25, 2018.

  1. rink

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    26609887_10214952154698157_1309703807_o.jpg 26540414_10214952153138118_870164035_o.jpg 26609771_10214952156298197_1591690784_o.jpg 29920460_1935078103169060_195588287_n.jpg

    Just looking to get what I paid for it. My mother in law is battling stage 4 cancer and she lost her insurance. We are trying to help cover her costs for care and treatment while we wait for approval from the state for help for her. This is a beautiful piece and is currently strung with 2 gut strings and 2 silver wrapped gut strings. I wanted to hear what they sounded like and that is what came with it. It plays very well and sounds sweet. My violin instructor loved playing it as is while I was able to take lessons. The writing on the inside is Leroy H. Castes, Andrews Indiana Dec. 10, 1937 No other information is legible.

    $250 takes it. Will ship. I hate to let it go but family comes first.
    Thanks for looking!
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  2. Aquitaine

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    Hi @rink, and WELCOME to Antiquers, if I haven't done that before!!!! Have you had someone check out the value of the bows yet??? Sometimes they are worth WAAAAY more than the value of the violin!! Just sayin', be sure!!!!

    And this is a late edit to what @komokwa has to say below my comment. I'm so sorry for your situation and wishing you the best of luck.....Blessings.....
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  3. komokwa

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    That is very sad.
    Stay strong during this hard time.

    If you need to raise funds , your opera glasses may be a quicker sale, or maybe some of your recent wedding gifts......gold & diamonds sell fast.

    Then there's the option of starting a crowd funding site, where friends & family can offer help in a monetary way, as well as others who may rally to your cause.

    Personally , I don't see how $250 would help cover costs of care and treatment for someone battling late stage cancer.....u need tens of thousands......
    but I applaud your efforts , just the same.

    Good luck !!
  4. Any Jewelry

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    Very sorry about the situation, rink. Fwiw, I think komo is right.
    Good luck.
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  5. rink

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    Thank you. I am trying to sell what I don't need right now to help. This isn't the only thing I have for sale at the moment, most of my items are on craigslist but I thought the violin being antique would gain interest here also. I am trying to hold off on the opera glasses until I am forced to.

    We have already done fundraisers and tried the gofund me. They didnt work out well. This has been ongoing for months it is just getting to the point for me where every little bit helps and I won't have the money to put into this that I wanted to for a long time.
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  6. rink

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    I have not, I don't know anyone who would look at them for free but they are interesting. One has mother of pearl and maybe ivory?
    Thank you. We are doing the best we can.
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  7. rink

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  8. komokwa

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    Well then, continue as best you can.............
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  9. Aquitaine

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    I can't imagine a decent music store would charge you to just evaluate them and tell you if they have any significant value.....if one won't...... try another!!!!
  10. all_fakes

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    The American Federation of Violin and Bow Makers has a list of members who have subscribed to a strict code of ethics; see https://www.afvbm.org/

    Most of these would be willing to look at your violin and bows, and give a quick verbal estimate of their worth, without charging for a full formal appraisal.
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  11. rink

    rink New Member

    The violin is sold. Thank you everyone for your kind words and comments :)
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