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    I found this in a bunch of old posters (there are 2 of the same) it is the size of a reg poster, but on a thin glossy paper - I had a magazine for 6 years and it looks/feels like a magazine's high gloss paper. But it is too big for any magazine.
    It says it ran 2000 sheets, which is also what you would say when printing a magazine (my magazine was 25,000 copies & 48 pages, but each sheet had 4 pages on it & was cut down later)
    I first thought it was a early coca cola poster/advertising but it has no brand names anywhere
    What is/was this?
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    Mean anything having the printer info on it - and a run of only 2000?
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    I'm really very little help.

    This is a stock poster... a generic advertising image. It would have appealed at the time to anyone who operated a malt shop, soda fountain, or ice cream parlor. They could purchase the image from a distributor and add their own text (or have it added), or simply use it as wall decor. Imagine a department store using something like this to direct patrons to their soda fountain.

    Color printing can usually get along with four colors: yellow magenta, cyan, and black. Six color printing adds orange and green for more subtle color rendition. The extra effort should be a plus.

    I think this example is like a postage stamp with selvage (extra paper beyond the standard border). Selvage on stamps can include printing information not otherwise visible. To some people that's a plus; other's just want the image.

    2000 isn't a massive run, but it could hardly be considered exclusive. Your comparison to magazine printing is apt. Time winnows these things down. There's probably not a great number of them left.

    I think it's a very representative image for advertising of the period and the retained printing info would add to the value in my estimation (where else will you find definitive info like that?), but it does affect the display and others might find that detrimental. The world is full of barbarians. Offer it as is and let a buyer make the ultimate decision.

    I haven't found anything online to say who did the original art, or to name the printer or agency responsible. Alamy shows a longer print of the same image so it was available in more than one format.

    It looks to be in excellent condition. That's always a plus.

    Here's an Alamy link that should show the larger image (it won't load for me).


    Sometimes they have additional info.
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    with no advertising , it's just a cute poster..
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    I would still consider it a vintage advertising piece. It doesn't specify a product, but that's its intent.

    As I have stated before: I'm no good on prices. That said, the price shown in i-need-help's link doesn't seem improbable to me. That example is linen mounted, which indicates that someone thought it collectible and worth preserving. I would think that journeymagazine's example with that additional info would be worth as much, or maybe more.
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    Well... they only want $95 for that, so either it's cheap or, once again, I'm totally unreliable at pricing.
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    And at the link INH posted, she wants $250.00!!!! It IS a cute, clean retro poster!!!!!:):)
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    I think it's a bit pricey, but I'm not a collector of vintage poster art.
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