Featured 1963 Seabreeze Portable Record Player (Antique Shop find)

Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by Vintage Maven, Aug 19, 2019.

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    This is a neat item from my collection. A 1963 Seabreeze Portable Record Player, this item is in great working condition, although I don’t play my real valuable vintage records on it (such as the 1954 Ella Mae Morse) I found this vintage player a number of years ago at an antique shop quite by chance walking in, as the owner had just put it on the sales floor after pricing it. I posted this out side my usual posting hangout in “ephemera & photographs”, I wasn’t certain of an exact place for this, so I chose here in discussions, hope that’s alright.
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  3. komokwa

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    i played this...


    on something like that..!!
  4. Vintage Maven

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    That is so amazing that Beatles LP. @BaseballGames I’m also glad to have introduced you to Ella Mae Morse, the album in the photo is a very rare 1954 Capitol Records 10 inch 33 rpm LP first pressing , it can command a great amount on the vinyl markets, mine happens to be in near mint condition, the vinyl is impeccable! And yes, Ella is amazing!!

    Oh by the way, here is my version of The Beatles (BEATLEMANIA With The Beatles 1963, first pressing) 97E40952-DC6A-4BA3-80B3-CA6D86E51B1A.jpeg g
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    Neat! Thanks for sharing.
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    Thank You for looking.
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