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Discussion in 'Antique Discussion' started by Houseful, Jan 13, 2021.

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    Picked up from a CS I think some years ago so I decided yesterday to see what I could find out about the artist and painting. There wasn’t much, it didn’t help that there was another Manchester artist named Tom Brown but he was born in 1933 so much later than 1914 when this was painted. Sorry some pics are coming out sideways, an iPad mystery.
    I found a 1925 Royal Cambrian art catalogue which is too big to post which gave his address as Mosley Street which was where he along with another artist exhibited with LS Lowry. It was Lowrys first.
    6EAD8D6D-58CE-4805-993C-71F1C75BF5A9.jpeg 9254277B-4F2B-43ED-B7C0-A694D11761F3.jpeg 257950BB-E549-4801-B316-2C4C291452BC.jpeg 613B72CA-2F9E-45B3-9EB4-80CAFE0D1724.jpeg DC82C606-717E-4701-98F5-6543C1FED48A.png 0D3579E4-8F96-49B9-917C-8D071AFA8EA8.png 47785C76-20BB-4047-BB30-AE565D3D62A8.png 1E63EE15-63C7-4685-97F3-57ADFCA73089.jpeg 3FCC36E4-3D42-42A8-86E8-58265295813E.jpeg 65A1A9F7-ED3B-4F44-B0D6-842CE8048CDC.jpeg
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    Just flipping for you

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    This shows the sales price of your first link, if helpful.


    Tom H.Brown, watercolour, A view of the Flat Iron Market in Salford 1921, signed, 21 x 28cm
    Estimate £50-80

    Descriptions provided in both printed and on-line catalogue formats do not include condition reports. The absence of a condition statement does not imply that the lot is in perfect condition or completely free from wear and tear, imperfections or the effects of aging. Interested bidders are strongly encouraged to request a condition report on any lots upon which they intend to bid, prior to placing a bid. All transactions are governed by Gorringes Conditions of Sale.

    Sold for £30
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  4. Houseful

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    Thanks Lucille, I was interested to know. I doubt I paid more than £3 for mine. Someone bothered to reframe it and I like it. I wondered if he or the other exhibitor sold anything when Lowry didn’t.
  5. Houseful

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  6. Lucille.b

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    I like it too! Much better than the one in the link. Has a lovely look to it.
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    Lots of Lowry fakes out there as they are easy to fake - as is the provenance! Buyers like me are extremely skeptical of Lowry's appearing here and there at random sales. So unsold is often the case with Lowry wannabes/lookalikes/fakes or even genuine pieces..
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