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    As mentioned on another thread, I had a bit of a rummage around for an example of an ivory fan guard to show typical jointing and came up with a bunch of other fans, none of any great merit or value but quite decorative. 1-P1030693.JPG
    Mostly plastic. This one may be tortoiseshell, I'd expect an imitation shell to have sticks of uniform thickness but this one has a variation in thickness between sticks of up to 50%. Back
    And front.


    Sad relic of an Ivory brize fan

    Bone fan, thered ribbon on the guards is under a pierced 'frame' fixed over it.

    Bone stick lace and muslin fan

    Last three are of a cheapo plastic brize fan, unusual in having its original box, the marking 'Foreign' and the use of real glass instead of plastic for the transparent lid makes me think 1930 or so.



    I think that is probably enough. :)
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  2. spirit-of-shiloh

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    WOW! The only fans I have are ceiling :smuggrin:
  3. User 67

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    Yes, but they would be so pretty on an old fashioned Christmas tree.
  4. evelyb30

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    The ivory one looks like something I'd disassemble for an art project; it certainly wouldn't do a lady any good as is.
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    Who is it that has many many fans? They used to post on the AB - are they here?
  6. kentworld

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    Flanaganlane -- she's popped in here a few times.
  7. Bookahtoo

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    Oh, right. Well, maybe she'll see this eventually....
  8. Figtree3

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