Age of Egyptian Theme Costume Brooch?

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by 2manybooks, May 24, 2019.

  1. 2manybooks

    2manybooks Well-Known Member

    This is not my area, but I thought it had some interest. Can anyone suggest a time period for its production based on style and fittings? The rectangular body is 1 3/4" (4.5 cm) x 1 1/2" (3 cm). Some sort of base (non-magnetic) metal with pseudo gold wash. No markings of any kind. I suppose it might be related to the early 20th century Tut mania, but I am not sure. Thanks. Egyptian Style brooch -2 (788x800).jpg Egyptian style brooch -3 (755x800).jpg
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  2. Bronwen

    Bronwen Well-Known Member

    I'm voting stamped brass, mid-20th.
  3. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Not the first Tut Revival, post 1926, the clasp is later, post war. 1950s ish, Czech or German.
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  4. 2manybooks

    2manybooks Well-Known Member

    Thank you. That gives me a better starting place for research.:)
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  5. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    it's a nice thing. I think the dangles are meant to be wee mummies.
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  6. 2manybooks

    2manybooks Well-Known Member

    I did find this one on etsy. It seems to have the same grumpy pharaoh. But the dangles are openwork, and have those "coins". The dangles on the one I have appear to be crimped at the ends. I wonder if there were originally coins? (I like the idea of "wee mummies".) The etsy seller dates it to the 1930s. Egyptian brooch.jpg
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  7. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Yours don't look as though they catered for coins to me - those on the Etsy one are sheer fantasy. ;) Without seeing its back, can't tell if it's 30s.
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  8. evelyb30

    evelyb30 Well-Known Member

    It's pure costume, never anything other than what it is now.
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  9. Kathy Anderson

    Kathy Anderson Well-Known Member

    My guess is 1970s, perhaps from India, perhaps gilt, with different mass-produced parts assembled to make the form?
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