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  1. baileybae

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    New to collecting antique clothing and purses. How old do you think this purse is? Red velvet with gold metal embroidery. Measured, 6" x 7". Possibly Regency era? TIA

    s-l16005555555.jpg s-l1600.jpg s-l1600666666666.jpg
  2. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    nice......any marks on the metal ??
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  3. baileybae

    baileybae Member

    No...it is not marked.
  4. clutteredcloset49

    clutteredcloset49 Well-Known Member

    I think early 1900s.
    Looks like someone bought the frame, embroidered, lined then stitched it to the frame.
    Making purses from patterns or kits was a popular thing to do at the turn of the century.
    Only my opinion. Wait for others.

    Maybe @Darkwing Manor will know.
  5. Darkwing Manor

    Darkwing Manor Well-Known Member

    I'm no purse expert, but I did try to find a reference for dating purses from frame style, not much luck. Most Regency purses were reticules (drawstring type), with the metal-top frames showing up around the 1820s. https://fiveminutehistory.com/the-history-of-handbags-a-5-minute-guide/
    The gold soutache-style gadrooning and the red velvet were a popular motif during the Civil War, but not conclusive evidence. http://frenchmermaidcollection.blogspot.com/p/about-soutache-history-and-use-through.html

    Bottom line, my guess is 3rd quarter 19th century, without having any info on frame dating.
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  6. Figtree3

    Figtree3 What would you do if you weren't afraid?

    Thanks for posting the links. Very interesting, and nicely illustrated!
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