Altai 20” wood Charger

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    Ok, so I was the only bid on the Altai Charger(about a Starbucks coffee). I have two tags that give info but google comes up with nadda. So the Altai Mountains are North Western China, bordering Russia and Mongolia. But thats where google ends. Has anyone seen something similar from that region? Is it old, new fake, from somewhere eles? *shrugs* it is primitive, that I can see. :)
    Does it have value or is it for throwing loose change on.

    oh and “inlays”? I don't see no stinking inlays. ;)
    834EBF01-1B27-4C4B-87F7-1F45FEECB033.jpeg 59D91F99-4FEB-4C09-9E30-A490C028F410.jpeg 8580786D-1DE2-4FA3-A2D6-ACA980B84B59.jpeg 7B0E2D43-6EA7-410A-A608-7C8B507BE1A2.jpeg CEAC71D3-5DDE-48F8-9D34-AC4E1744760A.jpeg 41680709-2B2B-4F8C-9686-2E077D8921B7.jpeg 10380154-8A8B-4211-8822-3E5423FDA72A.jpeg
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