Featured Amateur 16mm film Holland, 1928

Discussion in 'Ephemera and Photographs' started by Requiem, May 20, 2020.

  1. Requiem

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    In the 1920s, there was an American family who could afford a lot of 16mm film.

    They have made many recordings during trips through Europe and America, including in the Netherlands.

    From that collection I have acquired the original 16mm recordings in the Netherlands.


    With the following index:

    The Hague.
    The Peace Palace.
    Hotel Des Indes.
    Zuider Zee.
    Island of Marken.
    Dairy and Cheese Farm Amsterdam.

    This is going to be something special when put on YouTube.
  2. sabre123

    sabre123 Well-Known Member

    Sweet. Can you please let us know when you upload to YT?
  3. Requiem

    Requiem Active Member

  4. Frank Luongo

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    Wow, that's a wonderful find.
  5. smallaxe

    smallaxe Well-Known Member

    Do you know the name of the American family that made the film?
  6. sabre123

    sabre123 Well-Known Member

    Very cool. Rush hour...Horses, cars, and bicyles.
  7. Ex Libris

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  8. Lucille.b

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  9. Requiem

    Requiem Active Member

    Scenes Between The Hague And Amsterdam

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  10. Lucille.b

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    Milk delivery (?) by dog. These are really something! Thanks for posting.
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