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Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Chinoiserie, Feb 29, 2024.

  1. Chinoiserie

    Chinoiserie Well-Known Member

    Grabbed this today. I think it's so stylish and funky I had to buy it. I've seen a few similar online with different stoppers but the stopper fits so snug, it has to be right. It's 18cm tall.

    IMG_20240229_182357_copy_1026x1369.jpg IMG_20240229_194902_copy_912x1215.jpg IMG20240229172555_copy_918x1224.jpg IMG20240229172539_copy_1272x953.jpg
  2. mirana

    mirana Well-Known Member

    Very pretty! I have no use for decanters but I'd pick it up as a lovely art object.
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  3. Chinoiserie

    Chinoiserie Well-Known Member

    Beer it's liquid bread it's good for you. We like to drink 'til we speeewwww
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  4. Chinoiserie

    Chinoiserie Well-Known Member

    Interesting result with a UV light.

    IMG20240229232005_copy_1224x1632.jpg IMG20240229232011_copy_1218x1625.jpg IMG20240229232026_copy_1262x1682.jpg
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  5. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Bohemian. Very nice.
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  6. Chinoiserie

    Chinoiserie Well-Known Member

    Thanks my dear. I can't fathom if the lid is original or a very good replacement. It fits like a glove but it doesn't glow like the rest of it.
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