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Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by BMRT, Mar 25, 2020.

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    I have a amber pendant which is marked 925 on one of the back loops A823017E-B234-4AC3-AF4E-AD1D7D8BB78C.jpeg And “SML” in a small oval near it. 5A2253A4-7E87-4223-A297-0D9E1292AE4D.jpeg

    On the other back loop we have another two small marks. Looks like a bust in both marks but I’m not having much luck with identifying country. French? I’d appreciate any help. 3B48C4F6-585B-4CE1-B8BD-9B9644E3E75D.jpeg

    The style to me looks Art Nouveau but it’s very possible this is a newer item inspired by older styles. Top amber circle looks like the pressed amber and the bottom circle is the butterscotch amber. 216D069A-CF41-4BE7-9A5F-58CA6AAE48D4.jpeg ABD3962C-C237-4F06-BB83-DB965369E1D1.jpeg
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    Nice! And excellent pics!:)
    It is a Polish (from Poland;):joyful:) mark.

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    Gdańsk, Poland
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  5. BMRT

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    As always, Thank you!
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