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    JUSTIN JAMES The Curios Agency

    Hello everyone,

    I picked up this Amberlina glass pitcher and was hoping to identify its likely period and/or maker. Any leads or insight would be much appreciated.

    It is roughly 14 1/4cm tall and has slight mold seams along its line of hobnail-like bubbles.

    20220526_163934.jpg 20220526_163801.jpg 20220526_163941.jpg 20220526_164115.jpg
  2. komokwa

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    JUSTIN JAMES The Curios Agency

    I assume it was blown into a three piece mold based on the seams/
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  5. wlwhittier

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    "Monkey Pox ???? ...."

    Izzat called current-event humor?

    Ha. Ha.
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    JUSTIN JAMES The Curios Agency


    JUSTIN JAMES The Curios Agency

    For those who are curious I believe I found the maker. I found several pitchers with this same mold pattern listed as being manufactured by...

    Kanawha Glass Company West Virginia, USA 1955 – 1989
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    Justin beat me to it.
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    Good to see you among us @Cherryhill!! :happy::happy:

    When he posted that my first thought was that you would have known it immediately. :D
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