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Discussion in 'Militaria' started by BuddyC, Feb 11, 2018.

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    Would anyone here have any expertise in the American Expeditionary Force in Siberia? I have a collection I'm trying to research

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  5. Any Jewelry

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    History never ceases to amaze me.

    @kristiaan , this brings me back to my relative Gaston Léger (him again:rolleyes:).
    When I was a little girl, I always heard that one of the Belgian Légers "went after the Russians" (ging achter de Russen aan). I don't know who or what it referred to, or what period they were talking about. When I asked my mother about it years later, her memory was already failing her too much to remember.
    Reading your info makes me wonder if Gaston could have been part of that Belgian corps in Russia. Does that make sense with the medals he received? They seem to be pretty general.

    Since I love Minerva cars, I really like the idea of Gaston possibly having been somewhere near the Mors-Minerva armoured car:

    This is a reconstruction. I am sure the elegant lanterns were very useful in a war.;)
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  6. kristiaan

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    Hey Any, that could very well be! Love to know more about your relative!
    I came very close to several (two in fact!) Minerva cars, but never manage to get one. (still on my list!)
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  7. Any Jewelry

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    Ah, they are beautiful, very stylish. We always used to go to car museums, wherever we were in the world, and Minervas seem to have made it across the globe. I posted a picture of a Minerva in a favourite car thread on the forum.
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