Another Cristal Bonbonniere

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    Of course I do not want to bore you or overload you:nailbiting:, but here I have another nice bonbonniere.
    However diverse these are, they remain a mystery to me.

    I deeply admire the real crystal connoisseurs who have the wisdom to unravel something like that.:)
    This seems very difficult to me. Bonbonniere 3-1.jpg Bonbonniere 3-2.jpg Bonbonniere 3-3.jpg Bonbonniere 3-4.jpg Bonbonniere 3-5.jpg Bonbonniere 3-6.jpg Bonbonniere 3-7.jpg Bonbonniere 3-8.jpg Bonbonniere 3-9.jpg

    It has dimensions of 16 cm. high 13.5 cm. diameter
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  2. Aquitaine

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    You apparently have a lovely collection!!!! Wish I could help!! But I ADMIRE!!!
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    (clutteredcloset49 Quote: I would think your other piece is by the same group that made this for Gorham, because the knobs are identical.)

    That's correct @clutteredcloset49. this item above is from the same factory and is known as cut/etched and frosted daisy pattern by
    Gorham Cristal, and it is heavy 24% lead crystal.
    This information did I found at the link below:)


    And here I read that the glas is blown to.
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