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Discussion in 'Furniture' started by SaraAA, Jan 17, 2021.

  1. SaraAA

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    Hi all,
    I recently purchased this dresser in the Chicagoland area. Was hoping for help with ID of era/style, material, etc. It’s 37hx43wx21d and sits on casters. I am not seeing any markings.

    Thanks in advance for weighing in!

    05B6F641-98F2-496B-9425-EF5081651EE9.jpeg 1A9240D0-0F2A-480F-9BFE-C66AAFF3D6DA.jpeg 070683AF-05C6-4254-9E78-8CDDFFACAB7F.jpeg 78FE27C4-3E5A-427B-B2EF-3330C1ACCC25.jpeg 432442FC-F146-4DF9-81FE-67DA472016CB.jpeg 1D389216-AE42-4DAB-9F5D-CBDF49839A78.jpeg B7455A5E-BD51-4C2D-95E9-006BABE8A8DE.jpeg
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  2. verybrad

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    c. 1860 mahogany.
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  3. patd8643

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