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  1. jbstorm

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    Can anyone shed light on this family wardrobe — been stored for the last 30 years, fair shape. Would like to at least know the time period if possible. Sorry for the sideways pics. Dimensions 80x45x17 in.
    F9BDF2F2-7EA8-40A0-AD1F-8C19F7832B3D.jpeg EBDD8388-85FE-44CF-BEAB-C5309F8399D7.jpeg DFB27878-8FF9-44D3-8F98-5ECFC9186AEA.jpeg DE447FA5-B929-48C4-BCE5-D3BA962D0930.jpeg FC0236CD-DE4F-42DF-AEE4-1BCA2F6D4385.jpeg D9317DC1-AF07-45BE-B42C-95FB56DD362D.jpeg
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  2. verybrad

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    Circa 1890 with spoon-carved design. Can't tell the wood from these pics.
  3. jbstorm

    jbstorm New Member

    Thanks for the reply — this came from the home where my grandmother was raised. She was born in 1885, last of 13, so that’s pinning it down pretty good.
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