Anyone knows anything about this children book?Printed in Germany ,#1475

Discussion in 'Books' started by Bayan, Jul 12, 2018.

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    Problem is: I don't think that's a die stamped book. I think someone has cut off the top margin (at a guess because of damage). If it was diecut, the illustrations would not be clipped in that fashion. But maybe I'm wrong.
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    Very valid observation. I agree.

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    Probably lost the title in the process.

    The family of my BIL operated a book publishing/distribution/retail business in England before WWI. He says that they published 100s of titles and there's virtually no info on any of them. They had no pretensions to literature, were more or less the comic books of their day. If there's not a name printed on it, you're probably never going to know who did it.

    I'll bet there are forums out there dedicated to illustrators, but I don't know where. You might actually find the illustrator (possibly the publisher) by contacting a postcard group. I'll bet there was a lot of overlap. There's something very familiar in the appearance of those children.

    Germany was a printing powerhouse in the first part of the 20th C.
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    "Germany was a printing powerhouse in the first part of the 20th C." yes. but only for massproduced stuff. for high-quality printing of art it was Switzerland and the region around Mulhouse/Thann in Alsace (Braun a.o.).
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