Archery Bow?

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  1. cc89

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    Hi Again,

    Would love to know more about this object if anyone can help.

    My best guess is that it is an unusual archery bow but I have know idea where from really. The last photo shows other items in the same lot, listed as "african tribal weaponry" but one of the spears looks indonesian to me and another filipino (the barbed onw), correct me if im wrong please!.

    Would also love some help on the blue painted spear / paddle if anyone can help. Ive seen a few like this. They dont seem like they would be particularly practical spears or paddles?!



    rsz_pxl_20210515_174929506.jpg rsz_pxl_20210515_175049856.jpg rsz_pxl_20210515_175105339.jpg 44.jpg
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  2. komokwa

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    South American Rain Forest Tribe Paddle


    I always look to the pacific islands for those thin leaf paddles

    those spears in the background ....the tall one looks African...

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    Thanks Komokwa

    Agree on the spear in the background. I think Hausa tribe or around that area. The only thing that is making me uncertain is the material of the shaft. Its kind of like bamboo but I have seen shafts like this on spears attributed to African tribes.

    Ill post a better photo in a minute
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  4. cc89

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    rsz_pxl_20210516_095645414_1.jpg rsz_pxl_20210516_095643018_1.jpg
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  5. Firemandk

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    Again, I think some are Filipino , Negrito Bow, Kalinga or Bontoc spear ???

    800px-Krieger_1926_Philippine_ethnic_weapons_Plate_2.png Capture.PNG Capture.PNG
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  6. cc89

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    Thanks a lot Firmankt, thats helpful. Do you know the source for these slides?
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