Asian watercolour. Chinese japanese?

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    I have this painting for ages and dont know what it is. It used to sit in a old frame and removed it to store away. Can somebody help with the artist. I just seen a other topic were @Any Jewelry called out for a few people named @JayBee and @Couch Potato Wannabe because they had some knowledge about these. Can you please help. Thank you.

    20200602_214854.jpg 20200602_214923.jpg 20200602_214904.jpg 20200602_214908.jpg 20200602_214915.jpg 20200602_214938.jpg
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  2. Any Jewelry

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    Lovely, chantal. It looks Japanese to me, as it is a classic Japanese theme, but Couch and JayBee can probably decipher it for you anyway.:)
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  3. JayBee

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    Chinese painting by painter GUO Changshui (郭长水) if I'm not mistaken. Will try and see if I can find any information on the artist, but this is a very common theme in Chinese (and Japanese) paintings.
    The four first characters are 乙丑仲夏 meaning "mid summer of the year 乙丑", in full, 乙丑仲夏郭长水画, or "Painted by GUO Changshui midsummer of the year yichou."
    Chinese artists and calligraphers use two character combinations to mark the year. It's what's called the sexagenary cycle, Stems-and-Branches or ganzhi.
    I think 2017 was a yichou / 乙丑 year. 1957 would have been the previous one.
    Given the condition of the paper (not very clear from the photos if it's mounted, is an original or a print,) might be either.
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  4. Couch Potato Wannabe

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    I always find fanciful calligraphy styles of eastern languages quite a bit harder to read.
    That said, I can see this. (The top two larger Characters)
    魚曜 = Fish
    (1st from top) = Bent, Winding
    (3rd from top) = Middle, Intermediate
    (2nd from bottom) = Water
    Without getting the rest of the characters, I cannot give a proper translation.
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