Aubrey Beardsley folio, maybe 1926

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    I have eight of these prints, which seem to be from Lysistrata. All have been mounted and backed with cardboard. The blue folio would be about right, I think, to make them collotypes reprinted in 1929 -- and someone took the time to write in pencil on the back of each ("See Plate 464 in Reade, See p360 in Reade", for example). They measure 18.5 x 12.5cm between the black borders. Questions: Would this sound about right? Collotypes 1929? Does anyone think they would warrant an airing on eBay? I've found a few sold, but sale prices are hidden. It seems some Lysistrata collotypes are homed in illustrious places, like the V&A and The Met, but maybe mine are mere tat from a local barber's shop. Any help appreciated. Thanks. P1110332.jpg P1110329.jpg P1110334.jpg Screen Shot 2020-07-09 at 12.09.31 pm.png P1110337.jpg
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    naughty , naughty..!!!:eek:

    Highly saleable , I'd venture !:woot:
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    Hopefully saleable -- the wicked Covid starts to knock savings and we've no place for them.
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    Yes, these could sell on eBay if you want to auction them, no doubt.
    Might want to post a link here for those who might be interested.
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    Curiously these two do not belong so there are only six of eight Lysistrata prints in my lot. The one on the left is the only one that does not have a pencilled reference to a Reade plate, and no amount of Googling Beardsley prints erotica rude porn or whatever has turned them up. I will leave them as thumbnails and decide their fate later.

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