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  1. 1AEBA1DD-924A-485A-93CD-4DAC0074415D.jpeg 6C5BA72A-128D-4922-B704-AA523B732278.jpeg BAEC5B55-3ECB-464B-B6AB-4F38F41B14A9.jpeg 8A1333C2-51C3-44BC-86AB-D7AE41B2D795.jpeg A couple items added to my vintage photography collection this past year.

    1) Audrey Hepburn photographed in 1951 by photographer Mary Evans for Young Wives' Tale. This was one of Hepburn's earliest named film roles, her character was Eva Lester.

    2) Hepburn photographed on the set of Sabrina, 1954 by photographer Dennis Stock.

    **I have not had the opportunity to make actual prints from these negatives as of yet.

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  2. Bronwen

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    A wife of his was my first college professor. She seems to have been written out of his bio, probably at her request.
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  3. Really! Wow that is very interesting, thank you for sharing that info @Bronwen, Maven❤️
  4. Mugzinnys

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  5. CheersDears

    CheersDears Well-Known Member

    How exciting! What a great getting! Well done you!
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  6. Awe, Thank You @CheersDears
  7. lovewrens

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    I love her!
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  8. Me too, I have quite an original collection of her.....I can tell we are going to get along, just fine. Maven ❤️
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