Audrey Hepburn/Charade 1963 (In fur hat)

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  1. This is also from the Audrey Hepburn section of my vintage original photo collection. This is an original publicity still from the 1963 film Charade. It is from the time of issue. I have a number of original prints of hers that I’ve posted in the past to this forum, they range from 1951 to 1963. I also own negatives to some prints, from which I have made prints to be framed for my collection. Other originals I have purchased from very trusted sources. As said, some of the various prints of her, and “other icons” in my collection can be seen in this photo section, for those who may have an interest in this. *you may have to go as far back as August, 2019. ❤️Maven

    My entire collection, seen and unseen, spans, starting from 1905 going up till the mid 1960’s, from Mary Pickford to Marilyn Monroe, very profoundly interesting eras/decades of photographic history.

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    the soulful understated beauty is palpable......
  3. And perfectly stated by you @komokwa ❤️Maven
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