Audrey Hepburn rare Radiocinema Magazine 1954 ❤️Maven

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  1. *I know I have posted this rare Hepburn collector’s piece prior to it being framed.

    I was going through the many photos I have in my iPad, and I found this one....

    I had this framed late 2019, and had missed posting it here (perhaps I had gotten ill, or family time etc, and this went on the back burner, and forgotten). So here it is now.....

    This is a very rare entire original Radiocinema Magazine from 1954 in my Hepburn Collection, that features Audrey Hepburn on the cover, one of her rare early covers as well. There may only be a few in this condition that exist out there (it has been suggested to be extremely rare). So far in all the research I have tried to do, here and there, mine seems to be the only one out there. *My framer Alex had done a very nice job preservation framing this for posterity, the custom acid free matting has each very small corner of the magazine held in place by custom corner pieces, as well. It is also behind the usual ultra violet glass. I hope any Audrey fans, or any vintage admirers will enjoy this as much as I do. This was published in Madrid, Spain, Audrey had an early connection with the magazine. ❤️Maven

    This photo of it hanging on one of my walls doesn’t entirely do it justice, it is very dynamic to the naked eye.

    I guess I could have posted this to books and other printed material, ooops, sorry...

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  2. Just an update: I just did another search to see if I could find any other issues world-wide the same as mine that might be up for sale, or otherwise. I found only one other, it is located in Italy. This is the first time I’ve ever found another since looking (I’ve had mine about two years). ❤️Maven
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