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    Hi all! Well, guess I managed to NOT hit "Create Thread" as this hasn't appeared in three days. So here goes again. My SIL hit a yard sale and grabbed this for $2.00, which I LOVE, but she's not about to part with it! Someone drilled a hole in the bottom, presumably to maybe put some of those "fairy lights" in with battery connection. She thought the outside was dirty....has/had a faint purple tinge to some nail polish remover and the purple came THAT was added.....I also stuck one of those USB cork lights in the bottom, and now she's REALLY NEVER going to part with it!!! I do question its age though as it does look somewhat older......and am looking for an answer, as have never seen one before.....(Sorry, the lighting was poor on her mantle) There are also 3 bumps on the bottom for 'feet', and the jar is about 6" tall and maybe 5", What say you one, what say you all???? Thank each and every one of you!!!!!



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    I would have thought this a fly or bee trap, especially with the long hanger. Bur I can't tell from the pictures whether the hole is surrounded by an extension or short "wall" that would allow for sugar water to sit in the bottom, attracting the insects, but ultimately drowning them. And of course there would be a cork in the top to keep them from finding a way out.
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    Well jeez... if you want her to part with it, don't improve it!
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    That & I found out where your avatar comes from...............;)
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