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    I have had this for awhile. My moms uncle was moved into an assistant living last year and my mom and a couple family members were able to go and pick whatever they wanted out of the home and whatever was left was going to the dump. My mom sent me a picture of the pedestal and thought it was nice but thought it was was just modern decorative so I told her to get it anyway. When she brought it to my home and looked it over in person I was surprised to see that it was porcelain. Another surprise was I found a tag marked "benrose" on it. It measures 36 1/2 in tall. I could not find another example of this pedestal or anything close to this size. Her uncle did a lot of traveling and kept everything they had in very good condition. I could not find not one crack or chip on it. If anyone could help me ID this that would be great thanks!

    20200704_214322.jpg RYh9yQgt-394511.jpeg 4URdTbPg-358600.jpeg 20200704_214433.jpg 20200704_214501.jpg
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    Didn't Benrose import a lot of porcelain "capodimonte" stuff from Italy in the 1950's/60's? (statues, pedestals, lamp bases, etc.)
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    Yep just came across an article on it. Jyst can find any this size unfortunately
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