Black stone with gold??

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Ashley Felton, Jun 26, 2019.

  1. Ashley Felton

    Ashley Felton Well-Known Member

    Any idea what the gold is in the middle of the black stone? Asking fir a friend . Not the best picture. Trying to get another 3F6EAB1A-D304-4ADF-9904-5A0C533A2BE1.jpeg
  2. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Is What It IS! But NEVER BORED!

    Hi. Can you also get a close-up of the back......I enlarged it, but don't think it helps much......If your friend can get a couple of CLEAR images in GOOD light without a FLASH I think it would help!! Thanks!!:)

    X2ZZZZZZ 3F6EAB1A-edit.jpeg
  3. komokwa

    komokwa The Truth is out there...!

    looks like glass with a gold nugget........:wacky::wacky:
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  4. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    Art glass, I'd say.
  5. Ashley Felton

    Ashley Felton Well-Known Member

  6. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    It does look like a little gold nugget inside.:)
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  7. Ownedbybear

    Ownedbybear Well-Known Member

    It could be, but not the real thing. ;) One of two possibilities: a sulphide style glass or possibly acrylic with "gold" foil
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