Cambridge glass bird figurine?

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    I'm only guessing this is a Cambridge piece, due to the formation of the base coupled with its size? Its been moulded in one piece. I would welcome positive id if known to you please, and also a pattern name or number if it has one? I'd also like to know when it was produced and if more than one size was made. "Sorry" to be a pain, but is it also missing a bowl?

    Its quite tall at 12" high and the base diameter is a fraction over 4 1/2"

    I dunno if it is rare/scarce or very common, however I cant recall seeing another.




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  2. Marie Forjan

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    It's a heron, I can't help if it is Cambridge or a repro. Some repro flower frogs were made by Mirror Image and they had an M mark molded into the glass. I don't know if they ever reproed the heron.

    The smooth sides to the bottom are a good sign I think :)
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    The article mentions a "Bashful Charlotte" figurine... I have this iridescent glass Bashful Charlotte 3 piece set, but I've been told its by Fenton USA? It seems to have been a popular figurine as Sowerby, England and also S. Mueller & Co, Germany produced their own examples of similar size.



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