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Discussion in 'Silver' started by KEVIN AIREY, Jun 30, 2022.


    KEVIN AIREY Well-Known Member

    Hi all - Is this Cameo silver mounted? O just plain old costume Jewelry? There are a couple of marks seen on the last picture. Thanks



  2. Ce BCA

    Ce BCA Well-Known Member

    Not easy to be certain from those pictures, but it looks more like plated base metal rather than silver imo.
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  3. Any Jewelry

    Any Jewelry Well-Known Member

    Ditto. But it is best to have it tested (non-invasive). A real helmet shell cameo though.
  4. Aquitaine

    Aquitaine Is What It IS! But NEVER BORED!

    Looks like someone wrote the price on the back of the cameo, and I think it looks like two figures where you're saying 'marks', but I can't say any more than that!! She's pretty & nicely done on the front though!!!


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