Featured Can anyone give me an approx. date on this bracelet.Jerusalem silver

Discussion in 'Jewelry' started by Nancy Neal, Dec 5, 2017.

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    IMG_9159.JPG IMG_9163.JPG IMG_9159.JPG IMG_9163.JPG It is marked Jerusalem sterling, I bought it in the early 60,s from a pawn shop in London,s East End, found it again recently and am wondering just how old it is, any help appreciated

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    I'd guess pre-1947, but that's not solid. The things I've found that were later were marked Israel. Jerusalem however was a special case up until about 1967, since it was divided. They're still making them that way, but since you bought it in the 60s it has to be old. It's classic Middle Eastern metalwork.
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    Love the bracelet, I have one like it without the cabochons.
    It is Palestinian silver, probably 1920s-1940s. It is made in Bethlehem style, so the silversmith could have come from Bethlehem originally.
    Palestinian silver incorporates many styles, because of invasions and 2000 years of international pilgrimage. Filigree was introduced by Armenian silversmiths, who also introduced it in other parts of the Middle East and Turkey.
    The Bethlehem style is the most abundant and intricate of Palestinian styles, and thought to be influenced by the heavy gold embroidery on church vestments.
    The small domes are seen on antique Middle Eastern bracelets as well, and are thought to have originated in Yemen and Oman. Through the Ottoman empire the dome motif even spread to the Balkans.
    This is one of my antique, more traditional Palestinian bracelets with dome motif:

    And this is the village style with domes, from the hills around Nablus:
    Not mine, from this site:
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    thank you both so much, Love your descriptions Any Jewelery
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