Can anyone tell me about these chairs?

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    Chair back 2.jpeg Chair side.jpeg Back of vinyl seat fabric.jpeg Pdding side.jpeg Bottom of seat.jpeg close up of seat fabric.jpeg I recently purchased four chairs to use with a small gate leg table I have. The chairs are Duncan Phyfe style and appear to be mahogany.

    Based on the appearance of the numbers on bottom of the seats, I'm wondering if they might possibly be from the Brickwede Bros Co.

    I loosened the fabric on one chair and believe the padding and fabric may be original based on number of holes in the wood. The wood seat is stamped 260 Chair Cover No. 460-B. The back of the fabric fabric is marked Masland Duran - a company known for vinyl fabrics in the 50s.

    Could anyone help me learn more about these chairs? Thank you!
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