Can anyone translate Romanian?

Discussion in 'Art' started by fettan4, Apr 20, 2021.

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    7156A8C5-06D1-4E15-8903-32BFF8B3E3D0.jpeg B396A9BE-AFF3-4A8A-8080-EB769830D9C6.jpeg DE2ABE72-5167-4074-BCCE-6CCCF4343AC7.jpeg Can anyone translate Romanian? Does anyone know who this artist is?
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    With a little help from Google Translate... It's from a 1971 official exhibit of naive art (arta naiva) which I'd think means folk art. Numele autorului is the "author's numerals" which I'd think is his name. His first name appears to be Constantin (Const.) Can't read the rest. Perhaps someone else can.

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    I apologise for the long silence, had to deal with a family emergency.
    Yes, I can help, I will translate for you.
    This note is from the
    "The Office that organises art exhibitions "
    Exhibition: Naive art 1971
    Author name: Constanin Vasilescu. Ploiesti (is the city)
    Type of work: semepx. cicl. ( don't understand this abbreviation, maybe something cycle) followed by " Amintiri din copilarie" " Childhood memories" , this is the biggest Romanian literature story written by Ion Creanga....the name " Amintiri din copilarie" would make every Romanian smile, just Google the film. Big name here.
    Year it was made: it's empty
    Thechique: wood
    Author collection.
    I have included a link with the name I have found on Google
    Also a big Romanian sculptor is Constantin Brancusi, but it does not look like it is his name.
    You can also find a pdf of all the Romanian sculptors if you Google this " Dictionarul sculptorilor din Romania secolele xlx "
    Hope this was helpful.
    Kind regards,
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    Thank you so much, Simona, for taking the time to translate for us. You've been very helpful.

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    You are wellcome!
    I can also describe what is the woman doing... she spins wool to make thread for clothes, if you Google " furca si fuiorul video" you will see how this is done. In front of her she has some wool on the stick and under her arm she has the thread. She is dressed in traditional clothes. Long time ago, people use to gather in winter months and man used to read the Bible, and women used to make wool thread . This is a folk tradition which probably has been lost.
    It's a beautiful depiction of life.
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