Cast iron stove

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  1. Matt Johnson

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    I'm currently working on a fun project so I thought people might find it interesting.

    The past several days I spent on restoring this victorian stove. It's a painstakingly job since the paint is really hard to get off. I'm using a wire brush and paint remover.

    These stoves have many names, for example on German they are called Gussofen, Kanonenofen, Eisengussofen etc. on english I suppose it's a parlor stove.

    A few historic facts: a 'cannon stove' (because it reminds of a cannon) is a small cast iron cylindrical furnace. The vent for the flue gas is usually attached to the side on the upper part, less often vertically. Due to their construction, such furnaces are mostly designed for burning coal. The heating output was usually only sufficient for a single room.
    The first stoves of this kind became popular during the 18th century. They were pretty simple with little to no decoration. During the 19th century they were extremely popular and were considered a part of the interiors decoration.
    Usually they are constructed from several parts that could be easily taken apart and combined together.
    Cast iron is usually not painted but in this part of Europe these come either in gold, silver or black.

    I plan on repainting it once the old paint comes off (not sure what color tho). Probably also to install an electric heater coil so that it can serve it's purpose again.

    So here it is, my 1870s stove

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  2. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson Active Member

    Here a few really pretty ones from google lol

    Kraljica-pec_slika_O_31349013.jpg originalslika_-Kraljica-peci-sa-grbom-Kraljevine--144528945.jpg b1265aaf2b297a8036b28be02db5d8b5.jpg
  3. cxgirl

    cxgirl Well-Known Member

    love this piece Matt, can't wait to see it when you are done:)
  4. Matt Johnson

    Matt Johnson Active Member

    Thank you very much!
    I'll post pictures then
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