Cecil beaton signed print

Discussion in 'Art' started by manny, Sep 23, 2021.

  1. manny

    manny Active Member

    Hi I need help as I could not find one like it on the net it's limited to 10/250 also need to know the age of it thank you IMG_6694.JPG IMG_6699.JPG IMG_6701.JPG IMG_6702.JPG
  2. Bakersgma

    Bakersgma Well-Known Member

    What's the title?
  3. manny

    manny Active Member

    Hi it's the house he used to live in ASHCOMBE
  4. moreotherstuff

    moreotherstuff Izorizent

    The Nicholas Vereker to be found online was born in 1954 (his antecedent namesake being 18thC). The print might not pre-date the '70s or '80s, though the original drawing could be much earlier.
  5. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    Beaton only leased Ashcombe for fifteen years -- from 1930 until 1945 -- so most probably done during that period.

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  6. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

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  7. manny

    manny Active Member

    Hi thank you I did see that, I think the print was done earlier as he died in 1980
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  8. manny

    manny Active Member

  9. Debora

    Debora Well-Known Member

    No way of knowing where the other 249 are but suspect they were produced for gifts rather than to be commercially sold.

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