Ceramic mouse snuff box

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    Here is my first post lockdown mystery.
    A ceramic box in the shape of a mouse, with a carved image of more mice underneath. I'm not sure what you would call the ceramic, it looks grey with brown/black flecks, all glazed except for the inside of it's ears. Base metal, I think once silverplated mount/hinge.

    I have found other 'normal' looking painted porcelain mouse snuff boxes online but nothing like this.

    Measures 7cm width, 4.5cm depth, 4.5cm height.

    Thanks for looking

    IMG_20200807_201350.jpg IMG_20200807_201353.jpg IMG_20200807_201357.jpg IMG_20200807_201402.jpg IMG_20200807_201407.jpg IMG_20200807_201418_compress13.jpg
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  3. say_it_slowly

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    Some type of carved stone?
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  4. Ratsy Brown

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    I considered it but I'm sure it's some sort of ceramic. I looks very clay-like
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