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Discussion in 'Art' started by SeaGoat, Nov 4, 2021.

  1. SeaGoat

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    While I'm not the biggest fan of Asian art, I am a sucker for some horses :rolleyes:
    I love the shading on the gray horse's face!

    I've tried a reverse image search and get similar type scenes, but just reprints.
    An image translator comes back talking about a toilet. :bored:

    Any ideas what this says?

    20211104_115630.jpg 20211104_115621.jpg 20211104_114401.jpg 20211104_115657.jpg 20211104_115649.jpg 20211104_115703.jpg
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  3. Asian Fever

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    Keep this painting. Do not sell it for cheap.

    The painting is made by "Wang Kun" (汪琨(1877-1946)), it is a very nice painting and very good condition. His painting for landscape normally sells over 3000-5000 US dollars in China market. However, we never see he made horse or animal painting, it is a very rare one. I think the price will be even higher.

    You will find many his paintings in google. Bomhans and other famous auction houses sold his arts.
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  4. komokwa

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  5. SeaGoat

    SeaGoat Well-Known Member

    Thank you!! I've done a light search on the artist, which turned up about what you said..
    Unfortunately it's not mine but a consignors.. looks like I won't be getting this one :hungover::D

    But yay for them, they have no idea what it is yet! :joyful:
  6. Asian Fever

    Asian Fever Well-Known Member

    What's your auction house? I gonna put bid on it. :D
  7. SeaGoat

    SeaGoat Well-Known Member

    I'll send you a pm
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