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Discussion in 'Art' started by L0z, May 16, 2019.

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    EC9EC899-04C5-491F-AFE8-09EEEE9BA5BB.jpeg 7270701D-F014-4EF1-8068-B5E880470D16.jpeg 51154FB8-33D3-4423-940B-81F1B16ECE06.jpeg A8DE3452-8044-491B-9A40-8693ADD6EA83.jpeg Hey there,

    I have come into possession of what - if confirmed as authentic - is a framed oil painting on glass, probably of 19th century origin from what I can tell by the frame in comparison. Firstly you will notice that yes, it is cracked into a few pieces, which of course is disappointing and devalues it somewhat, HOWEVER the actual painting is so intricately detailed, colourful and quite pleasant, that from a distance can still be appreciated as the cracks become far less visible if your not standing closely to it. I have tried to find out more about the story behind the painting but am yet to unearth anything. From what I have researched, a genuine painting of this kind, and with this much detail, with no damaged glass could be quite a valuable piece.

    I am hoping that someone with some knowledge of Asian art will stumble across this post as I would be very interested in clarifying a few things...

    As follows:

    1) is it an original, authentic piece?
    2) assuming it is original and still in one piece, what would be its estimated value?
    3) assuming it is original, and such a wonderful painting, what would it be worth in its current conditon?
    4) what is the story/meaning behind the painting and of what era or dynasty is it significant to?

    Just to clarify, it is definately hand painted as you can see in one of the photos I’ve uploaded, and I would like to think that it’s an original piece as it’s so well detailed and ‘feels’ genuine, but I also know how replicas can be quite deceiving so I’m 50/50 on it at the moment and hopefully we can learn more about it.

    Many thanks E8A5D579-89EB-4287-9559-4C638F0E2453.jpeg 7609876E-BC03-4C3A-872A-4CB0841E51DE.jpeg
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  3. KikoBlueEyes

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    It is beyond upsetting that this beautiful object has been handled so carelessly. I have no information for you, I just want to commiserate with you about how this must make you feel.
  4. antidiem

    antidiem Well-Known Member

    While it's a lovely painting, I'm not convinced it is antique at all. The back has been stained brown, the screw head looks rather newly inserted into the back of the frame. The label is modern and indicates a pattern. More of this exact sort of painting and presentation frame can be found online. How big is it?
  5. antidiem

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  6. Jivvy

    Jivvy the research is my favorite

    Search ebay on "chinese reverse glass painting" ... My observation is that there are many similar well-preserved pieces that are easily found. Which makes me question just how old they really are (and most of the ones on ebay are selling at what I would consider "decorator" prices).

    But it's just an observation, not any real knowledge about Chinese antiques.
  7. komokwa

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    when you start to find others that look the same, framed the same.... with more recent labels indicating the number of the item......that's never good !
    & once it's bust up.......it stays bust up !
  8. Any Jewelry

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    It is lovely. But the label is recent, modern hardware, and that 'cute' style of painting the faces started well into the 20th century, so not antique.
    It can't be repaired, so I have no idea if it has any value.:sorry:
  9. L0z

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    Probably safe to say it’s not worth anything then!? With regards to not being able to be repaired I glued the pieces together just to make them stay in place to prevent further damage , and that’s about as far as I was going to go with that just in case it turned out to be an original - however when I flipped the glass over to reveal the reverse / the painted side, I noticed that the cracks were far less prominent and if I fill those cracks, I could then have a go at mixing up some oils to blend in section by section and then voila, it will look like a whole piece again (I’m quite artistic so I’m confident that I’ll get it looking as good as it could be...well that’s the plan anyways)

    Once complete layer a very thin sheet of glass over it, reframe it and hang it in my kitchen as it’s so colourful and vibrant, and there’s not really anything else I could do with it....so whilst I’m slightly disappointed that indeed it would seem to be a modern reproduction and its not going to make me rich, I’m quite excited to have a go at restoring it myself.

    Thank you guys, I think it’s safe to say we have established what needed to be established
  10. KikoBlueEyes

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    I like your thinking and your approach to repair. I wish I had your talent. I never mind if something is not as old as hoped but I love it for the joy it brings
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  11. antidiem

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    I wouldn't mind it hanging up with breakages. The front is so much more attractive than the back of the painting, so I would hang it that way, as is.

    I am not a perfectionist and Kiko made a good post about the joy it can bring you.
    I agree! :cat: You could hang it and appreciate it, while you assemble your paint kit. :cat:
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    It is not really a reproduction, just something that is still being made.
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  14. Jeff Drum

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    I wondered how you were able to keep the pieces together for the pic you took of the reverse side. Great job on gluing - that can be tough when dealing with so many separate pieces. Can you say what kind of glue you used - was it clear epoxy or something else?
  15. L0z

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    It was ‘gorilla’ clear super glue ;)
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