Chryso Ceramic?

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    I'm going through selling some of my inherited teacups. I'm not sure about this one and if it's of some value. I'd hate to sell it for a few dollars to later find it was worth more ;-) There is some hand painted numbers on the bottom, some stamps and what looks like a stamp in the underglaze possibly (last picture; looks like a possible crest and the number 523). From my online research possibly the teacup is from the late 1890's or early 1900's and is a Chryso ceramic. But I don't know much about this type of ceramic. Does anyone know anything about it? Thanks for any information.






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    good set of photo's , lisa...
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    What a cool story!
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    Hi Indeed a wonderful story. It gets better as you scan downward. The pottery company from Greenpoint, Brklyn was an eye opener. I have a piece of it somewhere in this house.
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