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    I have a special order, I’m unsure of the value. Please see pictures and description below.

    Had somebody transcribe the letter. This is what I got back.

    Headquarters Advance
    Forces Centreville
    21 June 1861
    Special orders
    No 14 from
    W C Moragne
    A Adjt Genl
    movement of troops
    & location Posting guards
    & c
    <space to bottom of page>
    Genl Bonham
    June 21st 1861

    PAGE 1
    Head Quarters Advance forces
    21st June 1861
    Centerville Army of the Potomac

    Special Orders No 14
    I. Col Bacon will immediately detail a Village Guard for the night to relieve Col Cash' detail which will at once join their Regiments.
    II. Col Bacon will also furnish the following picket to report at their respective places at 6 oclock to morrow morning. viz 1 Sergant[sic] 1 Corporal & 6 privates for the London Road. 1 officer 1 Corporal & 9 privates for the Chantilly Road. One Sergt 1 one Corporal & six privates, for the picket in front of Col Cash present encampment. The Relieved pickets will will repair to their present encampment take their Baggage which will be left under a Guard and join their Regiment at or near Fairfax Court House.
    III. Col Cash' Regiment will move by two oclock to night upon Germantown with Capt Kemper Battery, between the two Battalions, when Col Cash will take his position and relief[sic] Col Gregg. who will move into or near the Village.
    IV. Cols Gregg & Kershaw will take their positions in and around the Village of Fairfax C House but not beyond; as will also Capt. Kempers Battery.
    V. The whole will report to Brig Genl Ewell if present; otherwise to Col Gregg who will assign the different Corps their positions.
    VI. Capt Powell will hold his troops in readiness to March at any hour after 7 oclock in the Morning when Called upon.

    PAGE 2
    VII. The sick of all the Command at Centerville will be placed as soon as Practicable in the hospital near the Church which will be under the Charge of a Surgeon or assistant Surgeon of Col Bacons Regiment who will promptly look to the Comfort of the inmates at an early hour in the morning Suitable nurses will be detailed from the Respective Commands for their own sick.
    VIII. Assistant Qr Master Washington will furnish immediately the transportation for Col Cashs Regiment. He will also furnish transportation in the morning for the sick able to travel to Manassas & will procure Ambulances from each Regiment of the advance forces.
    XI.[sic] Major Kennedy Acting Commissary, for the advance forces will at once take steps to provision all the troops of this Command & when stationary will use chiefly fresh meats.

    By Order of General Bonham
    W C Moragne
    A A A Genl

    Brig. Gen. Milledge Bonham's brigade consisted of:
    Eleventh North Carolina Infantry --Colonel W. W. Kirkland
    First South Carolina Infantry -- Colonel M. Gregg
    Second South Carolina Infantry -- Colonel J. B. Kershaw
    Third South Carolina Infantry -- Colonel J. H. Williams
    Seventh South Carolina Infantry -- Colonel T. G. Bacon
    Eighth South Carolina Infantry -- Colonel E. B. C. Cash
    Eighth Louisiana Infantry -- Colonel H. B. Kelly

    The brigade occupied Centreville until McDowell's army approached, then withdrew across Bull Run.

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    So these are Confederate troup orders?

    When you say "translated" I assume you mean "transcribed?"
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    Yes, sorry.
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    Thanks for transcribing this. I wouldn’t have taken the time to read it so it makes your letter far more poignant.
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    They are confederate orders.
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