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  1. rknarr2

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    I have spent a lot of time researching this piece with no aveil. When I was up in the corner of the loft of the barn, I found this coffee pot. My first impressions was it was an old iron coffee pot but then I took the lid off of the pot and took the cotton from an old bed that the mice were using inside the coffee pot, I noticed the copper sides. I thought wow, this is a copper kettle pot. I slid the copper pot down a board to the bottom of the barn so I would not have to go up and down the steep stairs but it got speed up and bumped into something and put a dent in the side of it. My mom does not appreciate this and wants me to put it in recycle but I am really proud of this kettle. The bottom is 9 1/4" Diameter, the lid hole is 4 1/2" Diameter, the spout is 1 3/4" at its midsection, 5" height, the black handle folds over, the bottom of kettle I think is iron. I wanted to find out year, make, model and if you think it has copper sides? Thank you. Rob
    IMG_7398small.JPG IMG_7399small.JPG IMG_7400small.JPG IMG_7401small.JPG IMG_7402small.JPG
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    It's definitely been around a while, but I'd guess it's pre-WWII 20th century. It looks like a really old piece of Revere Ware, from back when they still made pots worth buying. The bottoms were copper and the tops were stainless steel. Copper is a better conductor than steel could ever be, so manufacturers made the bottoms of the better metal.
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    I would call it a kettle, not a coffee pot, JMHO :)
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    A kettle indeed, and meant to go on a stove top, not over a fire. That shape is still made here.
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  5. say_it_slowly

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    The fold over style of an all black handle together with a removable pot lid doesn't come up in a quick search of copper kettles (for me anyway). I was going to suggest having a close look at the base and elsewhere for any maker markings.
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    Foldover handles usually mean for camping here.
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    Good job a traveling kettle

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