Corinthian column crystal and brass.

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    Hi new to page, have all the question and Hope to gain answers. Thrift store Find this Corinthian style crystal and brass table lamp with design on all four sides of base. Lamp shade got at consignment, overpaid. Any ideas who and when made this? I have a partial label and it’s in perfect shape 8EDA8968-935C-41AE-8FD8-10F4C6169686.jpeg 8EDA8968-935C-41AE-8FD8-10F4C6169686.jpeg 10415199-FB68-49D7-A700-6D99A2AE6B66.jpeg
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    Welcome, JDL.
    The right way around for arhtritic necks. I tried to tweak the label, but it didn't help. Maybe @Aquitaine can tweak it.:)

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