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    Hi again,

    I have a set of 6 of these glasses that I think are crystal and think are for wine. It's 6" tall and about 2 1/2" across the top. Has a multifaceted stem and plain base. I hope you can see the pattern - it's made of diagonal cuts of 3 in a row. No marks. Any idea what the pattern is called or who the maker may be? I've searched every crystal pattern site I could find with no luck. Thanks so very much! IMG_6926.JPG IMG_6927.JPG
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    Well my thought was Crystal D'Arques (sp). The stem matches, but couldn't find anything with that bowl shape.
    So, checked Gorham - found the bowl shape, but not the stem.

    I don't think it is terribly old. 1990s and later.

    Does it have a good ring?
  3. MIRED

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    Wow thanks CC. I think it has a good ring but I wouldn't swear by that. I don't have a great ear and not experienced at testing.
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    The ring alone is not sufficient. Modern "lead" crystal has 24% lead oxide in the batch. It is known among glass manufacturers that 4% lead oxide will make a goblet, etc., ring just as nicely. Some real quality glass has as much as 36% lead. 24% is required by law before it can be called "Lead Crystal."
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  5. MIRED

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    I sent my photos to and they identified them quickly. Bingo!
    • Manufacturer: Franconia
    • Pattern Name: Embassy Clear
    • Pattern Code: FRCEMB
    • Piece Name: Claret Wine
    • Piece Code: CLA
    • Size: 6 Inches Height; Size: 2 3/4 Inches Width
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