Dixie Furniture 1950s?

Discussion in 'Furniture' started by Paul Paredes, Jul 30, 2020.

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    Hi everyone

    First post. My parents moved into a house in late 60s with these furniture pieces already there. Was curious if they are worth anything. They are functional.

    back stamp says Dixie.

    Series: Bach Ch. 710-13

    tried to post pics but too large files. Please help



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    Here is a link where you can read about the history of Dixie Furniture Manufacturing Company of N.C. (not to be confused with "Dixie" furniture sellers), about 1/3 of the way down the page. Mine (full sized bed and furniture like the one pictured in the link, purchased by my grandparents) will likely never be sold, as I love it. Please show us yours!

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    For Future reference, .....here are some links for uploading from different devices:

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    OOOOPS....and pardon my manners, WELCOME to ANTIQUERS, Paul!!!!:):)
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