Does anyone know anything about this brooch?

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    I thought it might be wood but it is extremely light weight. It kind of looks like a dogwood flower. Is it Asian? Thanks! D3726917-88EB-422A-8837-6588FCFACDDE.jpeg 48ADAC81-DC05-4C3E-83A3-1C6FB195B7B3.jpeg
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    Is it hollow?
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    The front looks sort of like Bakelite but not the back. Resin of some sort?
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    Thanks for your responses!

    Its not hollow, but maybe some sort of resin. Would resin be lighter than plastic? What do y’all think about the wavy texture on the back? For some reason it is kind of reminding me of paper mache.
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    Here is a better picture of the back B7AC6DBA-8F21-4412-BF8B-7D1258AA676A.jpeg
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    Ha, I might of answered my own question! Maybe it is paper mache. I didn’t realize paper jewelry was a thing.
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  7. Bronwen

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    To answer other questions: 'resin' is a polite word for some unidentified polymer, aka plastic; older resins are heavier than modern hard plastic, have not handled enough Bakelite to know how it compares in heft, but it's pretty dense.

    It looks like papier mache in photos of the back.
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    It’ definitely not bakelite, celluloid or galalith. Too light weight and no smell. I own quite a bit of bakelite and it is heavier than most plastics. But my vote is paper mache, especially if it resembles it on the back.Thank y’all so much! It’s nice to be able discuss these things with others. No one I know is interested in jewelry. Especially not the old stuff. It’s all Kendra Scott around here. Not that there is anything wrong with that. But, for me it lacks originality and interest.
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    You're definitely in the right place to talk vintage & antique jewellery. If you have any cameos, I'm your avatar.
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    Thanks, I didn’t know that about the findings. I liked the article on lucite. I was settled on paper mache, but there doesn’t seem to be any layers. It looks carved. It feels organic. Now I’m thinking driftwood, but its not porous enough. I just can’t get over how light it feels. Oh well, maybe some mysteries aren’t meant to be solved. But, it will still nag at me.
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    I still have the feeling it is a lacquered wood/paper product.
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