Early 1900’s?

Discussion in 'Pottery, Glass, and Porcelain' started by Joe777, Feb 14, 2020.

  1. Joe777

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    E43CA9B6-B0DC-4036-A9C2-833C38B72EAA.jpeg F9247082-C167-4DD5-934F-099926533A00.jpeg DEA665C0-4400-4B55-993F-BCC72FCE6763.jpeg B7E17DFF-024C-455C-A613-51FD07E9DD6A.jpeg Another thrift store find can anyone help me out with some information on this pitcher.
  2. flipper

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    Could you provide a picture with something to show it's size/scale? Is it very heavy?
  3. wiscbirddog

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  4. Aquitaine

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    Or at least STATE its weight and dimensions???? AND are there any markings on the bottom??? Thanks!!!!!
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  5. Joe777

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    It is 8 1/4” from the ground to highest point of lip and handle. It holds 32oz full all most to the top. I do not have a weight but it is heavy.
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  6. Joe777

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  7. Joe777

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    Also, no markings on the bottom
  8. dude

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  9. Joe777

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    thanks, I was waiting for “nice jugs” haha
  10. Cherryhill

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    All of your pieces (not the green lamp) are of the "Colonial" style. Ca. 1895-1935.
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  11. Joe777

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    Thank you cherry hill. Colonial has been in many of my search texts looking for who makes this pitcher. I know the little sugar n creamer are Heisey and the other pitcher is possibly Heisey peerless 300 but does not have any markings on the bottom. I’m very happy with all the feedback and information i have gotten back on this website since joining.
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    And ya know what? We're very happy to have you here! Its approaching the point where you are no longer a YOU but an US.
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