Easel for quilting, textiles or something else?

Discussion in 'Tools' started by SaraR, Jan 13, 2021.

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    I live in Utah and bought this along with a few chairs. It was $10 and I thought I might be able to repurpose it as a window restoration easel. They weren't sure what it was or the origins. They like thrift store shopping and I wasn't able to tell them anything more either. If anyone knows what this was intended for, or the genus of wood even, I appreciate your input. Thanks in advance.

    3 dials and a stencil reads SLAVS 1031. The center is intended to move up and down. The screws are mixed, some are flat head others are Phillips.
    IMG_4249 (1).jpg

    Front view - about 30 inches wide and has a dark oval spot at the center bottom rung where a label may have been.


    IMG_4251 (1).jpg
    The top rung has a metal rod in a grooved notch underneath the wood running parallel.

    IMG_4250 (1).jpg

    The top hole may have been drilled later and there may be metal rods missing.
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    Whatchamacallit :bag::bag::bag:
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    It's the base of an artist / drafting table.

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    Yes, I see it now! It's missing the hardware for the top and obviously the top surface as well.
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    Definitely base of an artist/ drafting table! I have a very similar one!
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    Now that I know what it is, I'm kinda getting into the idea of building a new top and turning it back into a desk. I'd make a stationary top, not a tilting kind though. If I had 2 identical ones, I could even build a summer dining table for our porch.
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