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    DSC03696.JPG DSC03704.JPG DSC03697.JPG DSC03706.JPG I bought this for $5 in the basement of a furniture store in 1956, the owner had bought a house full of furniture. Under the top it says Electrella - A True Music Reproducograph Worlds Greatest Talking. I can't find anything about this brand. Can anyone tell me anything about this? Thanks.
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    The Victor Talking Machine Company, the leading phonograph innovator, introduced their electric powered Victrola in 1913, the Electrola. This eliminating the need for cranking after every few records were played.

    Victor held many important phonograph design patents, which precluded others from making affordable phonographs that performed as well as the Victrola product line. 1918 began to see many of Victor's patents were expiring, meaning that any upstart company could now produce talking machines that were quite competitive with Victor's designs. And by the spring of 1920, upstart companies were popping-up everywhere. Virtually every city in the country now had a phonograph plant; the products they produced varied from absolute junk to exquisite works of craftsmanship; but in most cases, they could under-cut Victor's prices. This situation prevented Victor from raising their prices any further; so while company expenses continued to rise due to inflation, they could not charge more for their phonographs at the retail level. While production output and sales remained relatively strong, profits were on the decline. By the following year, some of those new competitors were already beginning to drop out of the market; the explosive expansion of the phonograph industry resulted in massive production overcapacity across the country. Supply was beginning to exceed demand.

    Taken from http://www.victor-victrola.com

    Your phonograph may be from the same Universal Phonograph Co. as noted by say_it_slowly, as Electrella is associated with them. They formed in 1919 and were out of business in 1923.

    1919 ...

    1920 ...
    https://worldradiohistory.com/Archive-Talking-Machine/20s/Talking-Machine-1920-02.pdf (page 30)

    1921 ...

    1923 ...
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    Looking at the very descriptive decal under the lid, it will link it directly to the Universal Phonograph Co. of Denver. Read the 1919 article. It describes a six sided phonograph standing on six legs. Now look at the decal. That is what's sitting on top of the world.
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