English pocketknife?

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    89AF33DC-ED9C-4AAB-8A61-B2493F992CC1.jpeg E15413A5-8955-49C5-86BF-3D1C5271570D.jpeg B61E5CFA-3BA6-4F7E-826F-6FFB262059CD.jpeg 530DA3A3-542E-4599-A227-A55D277C0C8F.jpeg Hi from Sweden.
    Found this pocketknife among junk in the house. I am guessing it is a souvenir as it has Westminster, parliament and Big Ben carved (?) on its side. Do you know the age of it and if it has any monetary value?

    thankful for any help
    With kind regards Petra
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    komokwa, i need help and Any Jewelry like this.
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