Estate sale #5 - IL Feb. 21-23 Toys, Milk Bottles, Postcards, Advertising, Ephemera, Books, etc.

Discussion in 'Sell' started by verybrad, Feb 14, 2020.

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    We are now one week away from our next sale (Number5). Here is the listing:

    This sale is toy heavy and contains some great examples. There are some toys here that I have never seen and some that are the best examples condition-wise. We are also selling a great milk bottle collection. There is less advertising this time but still some nice examples. There will be some book, art, and ephemera additions that are not pictured yet. There are of course postcards. Approximately 4000 this time.
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  3. Sunnarth

    Sunnarth 30 days in the hole...

    amazing collection, just huge amount of high quality items...
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    @Sunnarth - If you want to get a lot of the background that went into this extravaganza take a look at this thread that Brad started back on October 6th of last year. It is just the beginning of the rabbit hole that this estate has become, so don't expect to get much else done. :p:p:p :D:D :hilarious:

    Here are the threads that deal with sales #1 to #3. The pictures are still present on the estate sale listings.
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