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    Chef John Folse owns this antique Fairbanks Morse motor. He purchased it to power an antique sugar-grinding mill that has been fully restored. However, the direction of the turn of the motor is opposite to the turn needed to crush the sugar cane.

    He has been told that with proper knowledge, the direction of the motor can be changed by changing the timing of the motor, so that the belt and cane crusher are turning in the right direction. Chef Folse has no knowledge of this, and he is seeking advice. Since the motor is located in Gonzales, Louisiana, Chef Folse is willing to bring the motor to any location and pay anyone who may be able to make proper adjustments to the motor.

    Although he realizes that a belt may be flipped in a figure eight position, thereby turning the motor and the mill in the same direction; he doesn’t have the length of space under roof to create a “flip” or “V” turn belt.

    Again, it is an antique Fairbanks Morse Model Z motor.
    325-650 RPM
    DISPL 208

    Please reply to this thread EMAIL ADDRESSES REMOVED if you or someone you know of can be of assistance. Thanks!

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    judy and i need help like this.
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    I don't know if the valve timing would be right for that

    Turn the motor around
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